Woman’s Essence – Madrid


Woman’s Essence 2018

a cura di MUSA Int. ART SPACE.

Data di pubblicazione: 2019
Luogo di pubblicazione:  Italia / Spagna

© 2018 MUSA Int. ART SPACE
Tipo di edizione: Arte/Generica

Edizione Multilingue: Inglese.

Pag. 136
F.to cm 16×24
Prezzo: euro 25,00 i.i.

The project Woman’s Essence created to give visibility, makes known to public and support women in contemporary art.

The project represents the contemporary women artists from over 30 counties, that from the role of passive representation object and inspiration goes to the active as an able artist to express creativity in the light of particular sensitivity, image of the “other” Art. It was presented the book with the criticism by Prof. Di Trapani. In this edition all selected artists was awarded with WAA 2018 dedicated to Sofonisba Anguissola.