Woman’s Essence – Venice


Woman’s Essence 2019

a cura di MUSA Int. ART SPACE.

Data di pubblicazione: 2019
Luogo di pubblicazione:  Venezia – Italia

© 2019 MUSA Int. ART SPACE
Tipo di edizione: Arte/Generica

Edizione Multilingue: Inglese.

Pag. 144
F.to cm 16×24
Prezzo: euro 25,00 i.i.

An international woman oriented project which has become over the years a great dialogue in which to keep telling stories of contemporary artists from all over the world that have nourished with their experiences and different cultures as well as their art, this weft we’ve been continuing to weave.
From a depticted subject and source of inspiration in history of art, today the women claim their own universe joining an artistic issue aimed to sharing, free from any sexist involvments.